5 Wonderful Places to Visit in Your Lifetime

People love travelling and some of them have this as a hobby. There are several beautiful places in the world but not all of them are as special as these. Here’s a quick glimpse of the five most beautiful places that one should visit in their lifetime!

Niagara Falls – Canada

Known for its prosperity of the famous maid-of-the-mist boats, Niagara Falls are the wonderful experience one should have in their life time. Niagara Falls can be best viewed from the Canadian side but however can be accessed from the American side as well. It is a gateway of family adventures and a must watch place for a lifetime! Niagara Falls is the favorite spot for honeymooning, and an enormous tourist attraction. After the Marilyn Monroe and Joseph Cotten starrer film "Niagara" was released in 1953, the visits recorded at Niagara Falls were all time high, and have been so ever since. Most visits are during summer. On the Ontario side, there are floodlights which illuminate the foot of the falls well after dark, during the night hours.

Venice – Italy

The city that is built on waters! Venice is a wonderful place with lots of variety indulged in it. Having close to 150 canals connected through 409 bridges with close to 300 islands, Venice can be termed as one of the heavens on earth! If visiting Venice is part of your Italian adventure trip or you are only thinking about planning a visit to this city, you should consider the fact that Venice can be a source of romantic delight for you and your travel partners. The famous city with the water streets will give you a perfect taste of enchantment and allure.

Great Wall of China - China

One of the beautiful vacations spots in the world and also one of the wonders of the world, Great Wall of China is a perfect patriotic icon! You can just see and feel the perfection and the hard work of the craftsmen in building this spectacular construction.

Golden Temple – Amritsar, India

This temple is situated in place called Amritsar in Punjab, India. This temple is famous for its purity and holiness and this is situated in the middle of large sacred pool. You don’t want to miss the rituals that take place inside the golden temple. You will for sure feel a great relaxation and peace the moment you enter this temple.

Paris - France

One of the trend setters of the world, Paris is a gorgeous city with lots of new fashion and style. Be it Eiffel Tower or Monalisa or the bustling Champs Elysees to Montmartre, Paris can be termed as one of the romantic places on earth!


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