Fun Things to Do on a Long Commute

Back in the old days, before I was even born, I'm betting, people didn't usually have three hour commutes. But nowadays, people are commuting long, arduous, tiring and awful hours from the suburbs into the cities. It's a hard knock life, but you can make the best of it. There are two schools here; those who commute by transit, or those who commute by driving. I'm going to offer several ways you can make the most of your time en route, whether you're in the train, bus, car or hovercraft.

In the car ...

Now, your c.d. player/system is going to become your best friend. I hope you have one, otherwise your options are going to become a lot slimmer. Things like singing, talking to yourself, and making faces at your fellow commuters are basically all that's left to you.

But your sound system actually opens up a world of opportunities. There are hundreds of books in Audio format available in MP3 format if you have the latest technology, c.d's and even casettes, if you're a dinosaur. You could listen to literary classics that you've been meaning to get around to for years. Maybe even polish off "War and Peace" in a year's time. Wow, "War and Peace", how intellectual are you? Get ready to impress your friends. Nobody has to know it was an audio version. Or, you could listen to informational audio books, and learn how to speak Italian fluently on the way to work. Your commute, which was once filled with swearing and frustration, is now filled with quality learning time. What a dynamo you are!

On the bus/train/ferry/whatever ...

This is a place where you can make the most of gadgets, because your attention is freed up from driving. You could read a book, paperback, hard cover or even an ebook. You can also listen to audio tapes if you like. Or watch videos. Listen to music, play video games, solve a rubik's cube. Play some Sudoku, read the paper, chat with strangers - err, avoid this if you're travelling in dodgy areas. Bring a notebook and jot down ideas for Factoidz, lists to organise yourself, stories, poems, whatever - pick your poison. The important thing is to know that you can use this time, instead of just sitting there listlessly. As long as you get creative, you can remain engaged in the world. Or not. Meditate, relax, catch some shut eye.

Commuter time doesn't have to be so boring, or so awful, if you choose to make the best of it. Hopefully this post sparked some ideas. Please include any tips you may have in the comments section, to help out others even more.


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